Art + Design + Fabrication


Studio Arma is a multidisciplinary design studio working in art, furniture and lighting. During the process of conceptualizing, observing and fabricating, an energy is created into form. To harbor this union and inspire a mood that is warm, personal and elegant, is the center of our work. 
All pieces are one of a kind.

Based in Greenport, New York,  ARMA is a partnership between– Nadira Vlaun and Kristian Iglesias. Our disciplines include: design, metal fabrication,
art, and woodworking.

The word ARMA is a root word and like our process of developing furniture– starting with something basic and raw; a sketch, a scrap piece of material, an object found in nature, it represents the most significant aspects of meaning in language. It’s origin, from Latin is “tools” and from Proto-Indo-European is “fitting” or “to join.“ Likewise in Sanskrit “order; right; agreement” and Ancient Greek, “to fit together” and from Old Armenian, literally means, “I made.” Semantic development is, “that what is fitted together.”