Design + Engineering + Fabrication


Studio Arma is a multidisciplinary design studio currently working in furniture and lighting to create high-quality pieces that emphasize on the interlacing of functionality and art. All pieces are custom made with attention to detail and craftsmanship. During the process of conceptualizing, observing, fabricating, and testing of every project, an energy is created into form. To harbor this union and inspire a mood that is warm, personal and elegant, is the essence of our work. 

Based in Greenport, New York,  ARMA is a partnership of three creatives– Nadira Vlaun, Kristian Iglesias, and Nick D'Esposito. Our disciplines include: design, engineering, metal fabrication, art, and woodworking.

The word ARMA is a root word and like our process of developing furniture– starting with something basic and raw; a sketch, a scrap piece of material, an object found in nature, it represents the most significant aspects of meaning in language. It’s origin, from Latin is “tools” and from Proto-Indo-European is “fitting” or “to join.“ Likewise in Sanskrit “order; right; agreement” and Ancient Greek, “to fit together” and from Old Armenian, literally means, “I made.” Semantic development is, “that what is fitted together.”